Wednesday, December 16, 2009


A lot of people seem to want to be cool, but they're stupid, cause the surest way of NOT being cool, is to WANT to be cool.

They think going to parties is cool. Wearing sunglasses is cool. Eating expensive mushrooms dug up by pigs is cool. Watching this movie or that, reading this book or that, listening to this song or that which in turn is associated with their identity, which is then regarded as cool.

Fuck you. That's just the ego, you stupid money-raping ass-munchers.

Nothing in this world is cool.

I hate parties. I hate meeting people. But it's my job sometimes. Do I whine about it? Sometimes. Not all the time, bitches! You whine and bitch about the same old shit, all day, every day, for like 2000 years and you will make everyone bored.

I see people, they tell me the same shitty story, week in, week out.

"Oh they said this, they said that TO MEEEE!"

"When I was younger, I never blabla blabla"

I saw them the next week, and I was like, "Yo bitch, what's up?"

And they went:

"Oh they said this, they said that TO MEEEE!"

"When I was younger, I never blabla blabla"

Oh, for fuck's sake, stick a toilet plunger in your fucking shithole, you fucked up motherfucking cuntsuckers!

If life is so painful, why don't you just go and kill yourself? Save us all the trouble, you little failed-abortion motherfucker!

Wearing shit makes you cool. How? Makes you look good, okay. And? Good looking people are cool? Not necessarily. But whatever. I don't give a shit.

The only thing in the world, the only way to be cool, the only real way, not the pretentious, fucked up, "I wannabe nyehnyehnyeh" thing. THE. ONLY. REAL. WAY.

Is to not give a fuck whether you're cool or not.

You don't care whether you're right, wrong, have a lobster up your ass. Whatever.

You just stop caring.

And that, boys and girls, is the ONLY WAY. To be cool.