Monday, April 7, 2008

Using Racial Stereotypes as a Solution to the Racial Stereotype Problem

I am going to win the Academy Awards in seven years time, but you guys haven't started building my statue yet.

Honestly, I don't know what the fuss is all about. You know, racism this, racism that.

Fuck all that shit. We have enough diversified skills between all of us to take the world by the balls, and all we do is sit and bitch and try to take each others money.

All I hear now is NEP this, and NEP that.

I mean, come ON, motherfuckers. Get with the programme. Why don't you use your stereotype and fucking gain advantage from them?

The Chinese, to push them into a box, are great financial people and organisers. The best managers for inanimate objects I know are Chinese.

Meanwhile, the most creative people I know are Malays. You need to be lazy to be motivated to come up with the most energy-saving solutions. And Malays are lazy. So what? You got a problem with that, you soulless son of a bitch? We're the most creative people on the planet. And the most easily adaptable to any situation.

Consider this: Malays who have never been to the States or the UK can talk in slang and sound authetic. Or they could just watch Smallville, or go there for a weekend holiday and come back as if they were born there. Other races don't sound authentic. Best they could do is sound like they're second-generation immigrants.

I'm not saying absolutes, just in general.

As for the Indians? Well, they're gonna get US$4 Trillion and British citizenship, so they got no problems. The Brits take care of their own.

Anyway, my point is, rather than whack each other on the head with racial stereotypes, why don't use that as an advantage to take over the world?

I mean, some racists call the Chinese greedy. No, they're not greedy. They're financially educated. They're driven.

Some people call Malays lazy. No they're not. They're creative. They know what's important in life - enough rest.

You combine them together, and you get a mini me - a people who are creative and know how to market their talent.

What we need is like, a film studio and have all the races working together like in some Petronas commercial.

The Chinese manage the finances and general management, the Malays handle the creative content shit, and the Indians can ensure no hanky-panky. A check and balance thing.

Together, the Malaysian race can win the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, several Emmys, etc. I mean, instead of getting a DUtch company like Endemol become the biggest content providers in the world, why not we take over instead? I mean, what does Holland has that we don't? Aside from Arjen Robben, that is. And Rafael van der Vaart. And Heineken.

I see this happening in a lot of companies in Malaysia, but I hardly see it in the top brass. The philosophy is still not in place. There're too much distrust.

STupid Barisan.

Why not include the Indians in the NEP? Minus the mini-Gods in their second-hand Mercedes of course. Instant MIC revival. Hell, why not the poor Chinese as well. Why? Cause there are no poor Chinese. But you can claim that the Chinese are not neglected since their poor are also under NEP. Instant MCA revival.

THEN abolish the NEP with a social security thing in its place.

Stupid opposition.

Why not be SEEN as the bigger men and women and extend an olive branch to the motherfuckers? Elections are over. Get over it. Start working.

Why can't we work together at the highest Government level? I think it's stupid.

I'll consider a non-Malay PM, as long as it's not Jeff Ooi. Get that kid with the hot sister up there. Wassisname. Nat Tan. I'd vote for him. Then get it on with his sister. Instant KJ.

How about an Indian PM? Samy Vellu? No way, Jose Antonio Reyes! Reshmonu? Mmmm. Naaaaaaahhh. Oh, wait, British citizens can't become Malaysian Prime Ministers.

We should be able to do this on ALL levels and kick some ass. Hell, I'm kicking ass right now. Wanna join me?