Sunday, April 27, 2008

Desperate Housewives (of Representatives)

Hishamudin Hussein apologized fo exposing his keris to the world.


He should have done that months, maybe years ago. Now that the apology came after BN got whipped at the elections, it seems kind of...desperate.

I mean, what the fuck, man? It's just a fucking dagger-class weapon with +12 poison damage and fastest attack speed.

Just stand up and wave that keris aound. I mean, no one made any noise or apologies when a giant golden statue of Murugesan was erected at Batu Caves. Personally, I prefer his brother Ganesh, cause Ganesh is smart.

And not a peep when Jeff Ooi waved his LG Chocolate around. I mean, that LG Chocolate is a fucking weapon of mass boredom. I see it, and I see Jeff Ooi's face. Singing.

What the fuck, man?

And the keris is such an ineffective weapon, Malays actually switched to parangs and spears hundreds of years ago as the weapon of choice.

I inherited a battle spear from my great grandfather. I never had a keris, but I have a spear. It's much more practical as it can kill the enemy at a distance, and being a javelin-class weapon, I can chuck it as far as it can go.

The keris is simply a symbol of a bygone age when star-metal or any sort of metal, was hard to find.

Wave your keris. Who gives a shit. By all means apologize to the idiots who don't even know what the fuck it stands for.

Next UMNO general Assembly, who want to borrow my spear? I can wave my spear around in the halls. And you can touch it for RM400. Maybe give it a little kiss.