Sunday, April 6, 2008

National Pornographic Sexplorer

Dust the Phuket signal! And shine it up the night sky.

I am going to Phuket this June. These will be two extremely busy months, April and May.

After that, I am going to get some leave and Phuket, here I come. I also have to go and see my parents. Their health is failing and shit. But first, Phuket.

Aw, man. I miss Motherland.

The plan was to go to Bangkok, but I'm taking some friends this time and I am the designated tourist guide. I figure they've done all the regular family entertainment touristy shit before and are looking to me to guide them through the red light reverie.

Though I do want to try out the shooting range this time. Heard they have AK-47s or some shit. I need to refresh my terrorist training. Just in case, you know.

By that time, I'll also look more like Conan the Librarian. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. That's another project I am currently executing to the letter.