Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tales from the Drunk Side: Metal Moliere

EDIT: SOme people said they thought I was writing about them. This is a generic post on general situations. And so, I edit:

And they never said, “Who-what ARE you?”

And so I never told them, “I am the Wolf Beneath the Tree. I am Fenris. I am Destruction.”

Them: You-you’re an apostate!

Me: Well, if you like. I prefer to consider myself as one who rejects Malaysian religious hypocrisy. What kind of God would imprison – nevermind. Who the fuck gives a shit anyway?

Them: We're going to Heaven.

Me: Ah, heaven, a concept for the simpletons to grasp so that they would do good. Do good, and God will reward you. Do bad, and you get hell. Real post-poned Pavlovian shit. So you are not doing good because you want to. You do things because you FEAR hell. Or the concept of hell. Not from the goodness of your heart. Hypocrite.

Them: I will dangle sex, money and powerr over you if you repent and be stupid, like me.

Me: I would rather bear the pain of truth than live in the bliss of denial. Better to rule in hell than to be sheep and serve in heaven. You know, Nit-Shit and all.

And then Some More NEVER busted the door and DID NOT start talking to the Them.

Some More: Hah! I shall only speak to her while ignoring you, denying you of attention and approval. Thus creating a group, an instance which you would love to be part of, but can’t, unless you repent and follow the example of ME. A sinner who will go to hell but pretends as if God will send me to Heaven.

Me: Ah. And WHY will I want to part of this shit?

SM: Because EVERYONE wants what I want – to belong somewhere. To be part of a group. To be cool.

Me: I don’t want that. And I find your attempt at manipulating me insulting to my intelligence. I didn’t even let my parents manipulate me or take credit for what I am. Why the fuck should you succeed?

SM: Because I am better than you. I am a victim. I love pain. I am better than you.

Me: But it is I who see the truth. It is I who was BORN with the gift. You lived all your life in denial.

SM: NO! I am right! I am NUMBER ONE! I cannot be NUMBER TWO! I cannot be WRONG! You will succumb to my manipulations. I will win. And I shall prove to myself that I am such a fucking victim.

Me: You don’t make any fucking sense at all. And your insecurities and how you treat people makes me want to puke. You condescending piece of shit.

Then I went to the Press Club. Where Jaka Denial smashed me behind the skull with a sledgehammer.

I would rather be called an apostate than bow down to the edicts of man disguised as words of God. What proof you have that God told you to imprison people and torture them for what they believe in?

What God would tell a people to separate a mother and child just cause she doesn’t believe in him/she/it? Is God that desperate for attention? Is God really that cruel? Evil?

What God would deny the nature of its creations? Create one thing and set the rules in opposition? Al Pacino, yo!

What God would write a book and not properly sign its name on it? Tell people to believe nonsensical rhymes and tell them to be hypocrites?

O, God, if you want me to be Satan, if you want me to be your Lucifer, then here I am. Give me my wings and give me my horns. Change my DNA so it would be made of fire instead of proteins.

Make me a heartless Tin Man. Make me a Metal Moliere, so I would mock your creation. Do not grant me human compassion, guilt or any of that shit. Make me evil. For once, define the lines of black and white. Truth and lies. And not make it a matter of perception.

Also sprach Zarathustra!