Sunday, April 6, 2008

Samurai Spirit

I have always been an admirer of Japanese culture. Especially Samurais. I find their single-mindedness when it comes to getting things done is something that speaks to my mystiocal proverbial, figurative, ephemereal heart. If I ever had one.

I'm talking, of course, the type of Samuria made popular by pop culture, not the real thing. I am not really sure how the real this is, by the stereotype is good enough for me.

A Samurai is driven by honor. At one point in my life, I had no honor, and that period in my life taught me how important it is to live by a code of honor.

At work, the most important thing you have is not your position, job title, perience, paycheque or even your skills. It is your integrity. You work you entire life to put forth a kata, an image, a brand, a representation of yourself in which your words mean gold. This is integrity. This is honor.

Sadly, for some people, it is merely an image. As long as they can fool people, trick them, lie to them, pretend they're something else, they believe that they've won.


A lot of people live in denial. That DAP is not racist. That Anwar is okay. That they're right. That they're better than me. That I won't go after the money they owe me. That I want a piece of their ass.

A Samurai does not give a fuck about all these concerns. A Samurai will have focus.

Like now, the whole world, the universe is falling away from me. There is only darkness, and then there is me.

There is my work. My great work. And I need to finish it. There can be only one result. That I finish it. And it will be fucking fantastic.

I don't care if I do not go to sleep. I do not care if my lungs start bleeding. I do not care if a nine-tailed demon fox were to jump in from the window and bite my arms off.

I do not care what the price is. I do not care who has to pay it. I need to fucking finish this. And I need to do it now.

This is my integrity. This is my honor.

But first, the daily porn.