Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Real Malaysian Hero

So the Astro guy came to my house a few weeks ago to have it set up.

When he left, I also went down to have dinner at the clubhouse of my apartment compound.

There were these Nigerian kids - students, mostly, loitering around.

So one of them asked me for a light and said, "So youy have Astro now?"

Me: Yeah. Why? You want the number of the guy who set it up?

Nigerian: No, I just want to say that here, in Malaysia, there is only ONE Astro. In Nigeria, we have six. One not good. Six is good. Nigeria better.

Me: Yeah? Well, you're a student, right? How many Nigerian students are here in Malaysia?

Nigerian: Quite a lot. At my college alone, we have -

Me: Oh, that's a lot. Pray, tell me then, how many Malaysian students are in Nigeria?

He then left to smoke somewhere else.

Ooh! Face! You just got pwned, motherfucker! I r0x0rz j0r b0x0rz!