Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tales from the Drunk Side: Pinot Noir Aftermath

Tonight, I met a friend who will be migrating next month.

Weird. I was the one who wanted to migrate but he is the first to go. See, I got me two interview with the UN a few weeks back.

I said no to the second interview, cause my father had his third stroke. I don't expect him to understand what I let go in order to be here. I mean, Malay parents always expect sacrifice from their children. Like they're entitled to it or some shit.

Well, I never asked to be born, and my life is my own. I am doing this simply because I decided to. Not because I want to be Malay or some shit.

See, the thing I hate most with Malays is the sense of community, this need to belong with a bunch of people. With a history or whatever shit. It's not just the Malays, but almost every race anyway.

I have no faith in people, but I believe in the individual. Alone, the individual is smart, interesting, simple and elegant. Together with other people, they're stupid. Like a herd of cows. Fucking cattle.

I mean, if there was a fire, ONE person in a building can get out safely, but 4,000 will trample each other to death.

People are stupid. Individuals are smart.

All my life, I have never wanted to be part of something that will follow me even when I am shitting.

I'm all for teamwork, but this need, this insecurity to have to belong with some shitty race is fucking stupid.

I hate traditions. Why do people do it? Because some assholes did it in the past? Fuck you, you fucking sons of bitches.

I work with other people, but I walk alone. I'm not a fucking Liverpool fan.