Sunday, April 13, 2008

Instructions on Back

When I'm going full steam ahead, please don't stand behind me and try to pull my plug off the wall socket.

I'm like an EVangelion. Powerful, but needs to be connected to an outlet. And don't try to backstab me. My back is full of knives and spears and whatever else already. Your machete won't fit.

I'm a pattern-recognizer. I see patterns. My own. Other people's. Some say I am paranoid. Manic-depressive. Or both. Well, it's not paranoia if it's true. And don't try denial.

And I AM manic-depresive. Big fucking deal. So what?

I am a creature of Despair. I believe that hope is poison. I believe that not caring is the key to intellectual freedom.

I am a world killer. I go to public toilets and dump a whole roll of tissue into the wastebasket. Killing the world, one tree at a time. I waste soap in RM2 toilets.

I leave the water running. Take that, global water reserves!

I would club a baby seal for five bucks. I would kill an elephant for 50 cents more. (Not including transportation, accomodation and tool fees.)

I smoke so that you will get cancer. I fart to contribute to more green house gas emissions. One day, my fart will set the whole world on fire.

I love prostitutes because they are perfect representations of what we're all doing - prostituting ourselves for money, power, control, recognition, attention and sex.

Prostitutes are just what we all are, boiled down to an empirical essence. Cut the bullshit and lose the office wear, slap on some clear heels, and we're all hos. Ready to bend over for whatever.

Please do not add drama. I come complete with my own drama. Inside my head.

Please do not try to control or manipulate. My mother tried, with baddddd consequences.

Am capable of murder. Suicide bombing a specialty. Will kill women and children indiscriminately. Believes in total equality.