Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Zodiac Killer

According to Chinese Zodiac, I was born on the hour of the rooster, on the day of the white metal dragon, the month of the rabbit, in the year of the Yin metal monkey.

Which means I should be piloting a giant robot this year.

Rai, Rai-deeeeeeeeeennnn! Ummmh! Aaah!



Pilder ON!

Shin Getter Robo! Get IN!

Combine, OK! Combine, OK!

Buiiiii togethaaaaaaaaa!

Let's Volt in!

Variable formation! Ikkei!

Activate, interlock! Dynatherms connected! Infracells up - megathrusters are go!

To activate my auspicious direction, I need to put a transforming robot dragon on the Southeast direction, to welcome luck, wealth and sex.

I need to put a Tiger-Dragon Lord robot west, to scare away bad luck.

And I need to put RM2 million in my bank account in order to be welcome the greatest of all luck.