Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Breeding Hazards

I just got back from the beach, where a 12-year-old drowned himself in the turbulent waters off Cherating.

He and his parents did not heed the huge red flag and the 'no swimming' notice placed by the hotel people.

And the hotel did not have a lifeguard on hand.

Yesterday, two bodies washed ashore, also caught in the waves and the violent winds.

If adults can die, then the kids would have no chance.

Any local would know not to go out when the winds are this strong. It's the fucking monsoon season, for God's sake. All fishing boats - the smaller ones - are grounded and you can see the fishermen painting their boats by the roadside - a sure sign not to go out in the fucking waters.

They sure can breed, but they can't read.

Stupid breeders. Stupid fucking breeders.

People who have kids as some sort of fashion statement, in order to belong with the rest of the cattle.

As a Malthusian, I am tempted to say good riddance, but that would be too cruel.

It should have been the parents in the water. The kid knew no better. And the parents should have.

If I have a beach, I need a shotgun as well. If any stupid kids and their stupid parents want to kill themselves, at least give me some target practice, instead of sacrificing themselves to Poseidon. Or Nyi Roro Kidul.