Thursday, January 29, 2009

Revelations: Rocky's Corruption

Recently, it has been revealed that Rocky had a meeting with Datuk (Seri?) Jamalud(d?)in Jarjis, (Datuk?) Mukhriz Mahathir, Nuraina Samad and a mysterious man known as Khairudin, whom some believe is Rocky himself.

Yes. Rocky had a meeting with himself at La Bodega, BSC.

He was most probably talking to himself, in an open and public place. The sure sign of a corrupt man, doing a very hush-hush, behind-closed-doors deal.

And the audacity to do a behind-closed-doors deal in an open air restaurant is pure and simple arrogance! Arrogance, I tell you!

Since Haris Ibrahim, the accuser, have come out of the closet, I too want to jump on the bandwagon and attack Rocky. Why? Because after the fall of Pak Lah, the biggest Malay in Malaysia is Rocky.

At six foot two, he is the tallest Malay in Malaysia, as far as I know.

During the alleged meeting, one of the supposed attendees, Mukhriz, was out of town. However, this is nothing as Mukhriz has been known to teleport himself time and again.

Instantaneous travel was a Dr M mega-project and was hinted on in dr Sam's songs. Malaysia invested 50 million rupiahs on a portable black hole in the 80s. Coincidence?

Mukhriz, JJ, Rocky and Nuraina all are members of a secret society called the Fleemasons. Yes. Flee. And Mukhriz's teleporting abaility will indeed come in handy. To flee the masons.

See, I first heard of Rocky when I was a very small boy, watching TV, and seeing him bind his name to a big brand corporation aimed at brainwashing children.

I was so enamoured that I kept on singing the theme song even past my 28th birthday.



Rocky One!


Though some contest that Rocky One was actually masterminded by Lazarus Rokk, Sylvester Stallone or journalist and my friend Gerald Chuah.

Rocky had sold his name almost 30 years ago, when he didn't really have a name. Such is the evil of the Fleemasons.

I will contact my Big Bird shortly, in the toilet, and I shall bring you more Revelations. End of times, brother. End of times.

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