Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Serious Discussion About the Arts

So Rodek and Tapai talked to me about the arts late last night.

Rodek: I don't believe in method acting. I believe in practical aesthetics. Method acting is about if you want to play a beggar, you go and live the life of a beggar for a while and access those experiences, perspective and emotions in your performance. Practical aesthetics, meanwhile, approaches things line-by-line. Say the beggar wants to ask you out for a drink. So the beggar simply asks you out. If you want to create urgency, instead of having a whole life's story behind the character you portray, simply imagine that you were fucking someone, and your wife just got back.

Tapai: I need to know the aesthetics of a gay. I am going to play a gay man soon.

Rodek: I don't really care or know about post-modern or whatever. I believe in something real, not vague.

Me: Yeah.

Inside my head, though, I was thinking only of this: