Monday, January 12, 2009

Halt! Blasphemer!

There is a fast-growing movement in recent years to discredit and debunk religion.

Actually, there has always been a movement to discredit and debunk religion. But this time, they got a few movies out, several television specials, and numerous books.

Bill Maher's film Religulous makes fun of Judeo-Christian religions and beyond. Richard Dawkins, an Oxford professor, Khairy Jamaluddin's teaching staff, wrote The God Delusion which is a best-seller in the past few years.

Here is Bill Maher in one of his stand-ups and also a segment of his show Real Time on HBO (not available here):


And here's Richard Dawkins on the same show, talking about Pink Unicorns, Fairies and god:

Yes, my fellow Americans! Religion, Republicans and Bill O'Reilly is under attack, as is seen on this interview with David Letterman:

Rise up, the soldiers of god! Rise up, the armies and kneeeeel before Zodd! Lay down, before Zodd. Now, take your light leg and push it to your left shoulder before Zodd.

One, before Zodd. Two, before Zodd. Three, before Zodd!

Religion, faith, belief itself, indeed, god is under attack by the likes of Maher and Dawkins!

We should pledge our faith again in the Talking Snake and find whales so we can live inside them. And go to Gaza, because that's where Hiro Nakamura teleported.

We should spread the word of god! And I am going to start with these heathens right here: