Sunday, January 4, 2009

Be Cool

I believe in cycles. Karmic wheel bullshit. What goes around, comes around. The balance.

It used to be that everyone would be knocking the Government. Malay supremacists were evil. And fundamentalist Muslims were stupid.

That was cool back then. You make fun of the Government. Everyone believed that the G-men were all stupid.

And more often than not sympathising with the opposition.

Now, tides and tables have turned.

What would be cool for the next few years is to make fun of the stupid fucking opposition, and either supporting the Government or leaving them alone.

Cause the ruling Gs lost everything they could possibly lose last March 8. Well, there is a bit more, but we're talking about face here.


Humiliated beyond measure in the last GE, the G is equivalent to a small-penised man with herpes and genital warts, left naked in the middle of Dataran Merdeka on New Year's.

Job done, the herd will look to destroy the remaining target - opposition holier-than-thou racist hypocritical motherfuckers.

Fuck you, Pakatan Rakyat. Chickens will come home to roost.