Friday, January 9, 2009

L'enfante du Sang

I am walking around with this new do, and I get a different treatment from people.

Purchasing a mocha latte, some Malay monkeys started making fun of my awesome, sexy hair.

I gave them a banana up the ass and they got even crazier.

Then, a Chinese chick peddling something, who completely ignored me at a shop, pre-haircut, started talking Chinese to me.

Me: Do I look fucking Chinese to you?

Chinese Chick: But, the hair...the hair...

Me: I not Chinese! I Koreans!

Then, a Malay chick sitting at a nearby table went up to me.

Malay Chick: Sucky sucky?

Me: I'm sorry?

MC: Me sucky-sucky. Only fifteen dawlah!

Me: Oh, you want to borrow my lighter. Here.

I lit her cigarette. And off she went, with her sucky-sucky.

Man, this new haircut will take me places.