Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Adventures of Boron: World's Most Boring Man

I am at Pusat Bandar Damansara, renewing my passport.

The new KIosk Pembaharuan PASport (KIPPAS) allows pasport renewal in just two hours, instead of two weeks.

Great stuff, if not for the fact that I had to dance in front of the damned thing, juggling my old passport, a passport-sized photo, my MyKad, RM300 cash and a photocopy of my MyKad. Anything I put on top of the kiosk would slide down behind the machine.

And it has a time-limit. Tardiness would reset the whole thing back to square one.

So I'm now waiting for the passport to be issued. As long as you do it before 2.30pm, you can get it on the day itself. Otherwise, you have to pick it up the next day.

My lungs are healing well. I did not cough up blood this morning.

And my limit of one pack a day seems reasonable. I simply buy one pack, and that's it. Without extra packs, I am forced to live and die by that one pack of 20s.

The next step would be to buy only one pack of 14s.

It helps that I live alone and can't bum a cigarette off anyone.

I am taking January off. Meaning I will only do some freelance work this month. Am not going to any office.

And I will be taking a much-deserved vacation soon. To Thailand.

And I will go back to Kuantan for Chinese New Year.

I did not realize how tired I was from 2008 until I spent the past few days - the first days of the new year - doing almost nothing.

My body creaks, and my mind, well, it squeaks.

Been running empty for months. Used, abused and whatever the fuck.

I need to go back to Motherland and hold aloft my magic sword. And say the magic words.

I will replenish my energy. My depleted energy.