Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pre-Sleep Doozey

In the midst of finishing Heroes of Might and Magic V (am now playing Heroes 5: Hammer of Fate - the expansion set), I managed to complete some translation work.

I shall miss that small translation job I did. It was fun while it lasted.

See, for translations, you need to understand the culture of the language as well, and not merely the syntax. Unfortunately, I am only versed in a few cultures and their idiosyncracies. I know some people who know a lot.

One of the best translation works? Neil Gaiman's, for Princess Mononoke. I compared his translation script with the original subs and it seems as if there is a world of difference.

He didn't really translate as he was adapting the whole thing to a comprehensible state.

Princess Mononoke remains today as my favourite Hayao Miyazaki movie. I have seen them all.

Grave of the Fireflies is great, but too sad. Story of two orphans in Japan during the Second World War.

Ponpoko is a joy, butttt... towards the middle and the end, it kinda sucked.

My Neighbour Totoro was just a bit freaky. And the story was like, what? That's it?

Kiki's Delivery Service seemed to me like an unfinished work.

Spirited Away has amazing visuals, buttt.... nah.

And I can't remember the rest, which means they're quite forgettable, compared to the rest. Actually, yes, I do remember all of them, but they pale in comparison.

And now, job done and infernal demons slain, I am off for sleep.