Sunday, September 5, 2010

Movies I Want To Do

I want to do small, simple movies. Uncomplicated storyline, well thought-out lines, brilliant casting, and a focused execution.

That's it.

I want to work in the smallest production team possible, and I want to tell good stories.

Good stories need not be complicated.

When I was younger, I would go for Wong Kar Wai's Chungking Express cause it's so fucking artsy at the time. I was young and being pretentious.

Now, at 30, I can say that my favourite movie of all time, is Babe. That's right. The story about the talking pig. I love the colour, the characters, how sweet and innocent Babe is, even the fact that there's no real villain.

That movie also makes me want to get a Border Collie. I thin k those dogs are beautiful and smart.

Another simple story done brilliantly, is Amelie. My number two. It's only about a girl finding out the beautiful things in life, and daring to take a chance to interact with the world around her. To change the world as she allows the world to change her. Simple storyline. But brilliant execution. Simply brilliant. I've always wanted to do a movie with that kind of style.

Avatar also has a simple storyline. But the execution, my Science! Best executed movie of all time.

And then, there's that guy Justin Reitner or whatever his name is. Juno, Thank You for Smoking and Up in the Air. Look at the story, and it is simple. Uncomplicated. But the characters are alive in several different dimensions.

Goes to show, that you don't need to be complicated or convoluted to be smart.

When I pitch some of my stories, some people deem it as art-house. I was confused. Because to me, art-house means deep symbolism or layered metaphors or simply wanking, boring movies. Shots that go on for 15 minutes of a guy washing his clothes.

My stories are all very straightforward. I'm not trying to be clever or look smart in any of them. I am arrogant enough to believe myself as the greatest mind of the century. Do I really need to prove that? For what?

So now, I'm looking for people to do simple stories with. I have lots of stories. Stories to last me a lifetime. Give me a budget, and hire me as a producer, director and scriptwriter.

And I'll do movies that will make everyone involved proud to be part of something great. Or not. Whatever.