Monday, September 6, 2010

Zeroes of Might and Magic V: Hammer of Fate

Previously, on Zeroes...

Amir: I have completed Heroes of Might and Magic V! I managed halfway without cheating!

Cheepork: Yessss... But now comes Hammer of Fate. Ssssssss...

Amir: Why are you talking like a snake?

C: I don't know, really. But here it is. Play this one. It's good. And also Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East.

Amir: Goddamnit! Sciencedamnitall!

Yessss... I can be a necromancer again. Or... a Demon Lord.

C: Actually, Hammers of Fate features the Dwarves, and Tribes of the East has the Orc faction.

Amir: ...

C: Yessss...

Amir: Dwarves? Orcs? Is Ubisoft stew-pid? Get a Samurai faction or an Indian something.

C: Indian? They alrerady have Rakshasha Rani and Rakshasha Raja.

Amir: Yes, but imagine a throng of Vijayakanths versus legions of Titans.

C: Who will win?

Amir: ONE Vijayakanth would do! Only one!