Friday, September 10, 2010

Smart People

My family members are all smart people. Each in his or her own fashion.

The problem with being smart is the fact that we will all be miserable, until we figure out The Truth.

And while The Truth can exist in many permutations, there is only one Truth.

This has been the most peaceful Raya ever. Maybe because each of us has discovered his or her own Truth and are all now at peace.

I have never experienced my family members as strong as this before. As assured. We are an old family. We have seen the worst and have been at our worst to each other.

And we have the capacity to understand that and accept the situations and each other.

We are smart people, and while some say that ignorance is bliss and ignorant fucktards are the happiest people on earth, our quest for The Truth has brought us to our awareness state, which is real, true bliss.

Let the idiots fall before us. Let them kneel before Zodd. Let them all suffer.

We, will continue on our ongoing mission for Truth.