Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sex Sells?

You have no idea how many idiots throw this phrase at me, without knowing what they're talking about.

Sure, sex sells, but it doesn't mean you have to sell sex. Geddit?

It also doesn't mean you have to promise sex.

"Buy a bowl of tau fu fa, and I will suck your dick!"

No. No. No.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Consider also, sex. Before fucking a girl, you start fantasizing how great it will be. You fuck her, and it's just another hole.

How many times has that happened to you?

"She's the girl of my dreeeaaaammmsss!!! Nyeee!"

You fuck her.

And the girl of your dreams, just turned into a meat-hole.

Some women say, "Sex with emotion! Nyee!"

That's dumb. What kind of emotion? Hate? Anger?

"I will stab you to death with my cock! Eyargh!"



"Stop laughing!"


"What's so funny?"


"The last time I fucked was a week ago. And my pet parrot died. Ohh boo fucking hoo."

Fuck all that, man.

When great marketeers sell sex, they don't sell sex. They don't even sell sex to you. They sell it to your ego. They appeal to your ego's nature to possess things.

Look, any kind of love or relationship that deals with possessiveness, jealousy, lies, threats, competition and suspicion - all that negative shit - is not true love or a real relationship. It's called a waste of time, or a ticking time-bomb.

Knowing that we are all susceptible to this bullshit, you can sell sex to the ego within us all, by promising that the ego will be more, if they use the product. If they buy it. If they pay for it.

Selling sex is not so much as selling sex or the promise of sex itself, but appealing to what the ego defines as sex. The ego's orgasm has nothing to do with ejaculation. It has everything to do with feeling superior or bigger than other egoes. Feeling Wiser. Smarter. More knowledgable. More neutral. More spiritual. Right-ER. Thinking that other people see you as cool, and hence wants to have sex with you.

So when idiots say to me, "Amir, do me something that has lots of sex in it, because sex sells." I just smile, go home and sleep.

There's no use explaining to them how stupid that statement was.

I mean, you can make a car sexy. How? Do you put a battery-operated vagina to its exhaust pipe? Do you strap a dildo as a hood ornament? What?

No, you appeal to the ego. "Buying this car, will make other people see you as cool, and hence, they want to fuck you."


"This car defines you as a person. It is your identity, which is cool. And when you're cool, everyone will want to fuck you."


"The lines and curves of this car is like a woman/penis. It shows that you can handle a woman/dick like this. Shows your virility. Blahblahblah."

The only thing listening, is the ego.

You need to speak ego-talk in order to come up with shit people want to buy or whatever. Otherwise, be a doctor or a lawyer. Who cares? Just don't come to me and say, "Let's do a programme for TV, and Amir, sex sells!"

Dude, I was trained by the Whore-Priestesses of Shabda-Oud for seven years. I have watched more porn than you can imagine. My insight and arcane intuition about the subject matter is unmatched. And that's my ego talking.