Saturday, September 4, 2010

People Unclear on the Concept

I... am not offended by this. Takes a lot to offend me. But, this, I think, is a misguided Aidilfiri ad which reminds me of one occassion I was tasked with coming up with Raya programmes.

My team, which consisted of two people (teams of two or three are always better for brainstorming than any other stupid number) came up with the idea of promoting Hari Raya with the kind of Christmas spirit shown on American television.

So we took the idea to other people, and you know what kind of feedback we got?

"Oh, great idea! Let's do it in a place where it snows!"

That's totally missing the point. It's the Christmas SPIRIT, captured so beautifully by American TV. It is how the programmes managed to promote Christmas as a family thing, as a charity thing. A time of giving. Of sharing. Love, laughter and another thing that starts with an 'L'.

This constantly frustrated me before. When I talk about concepts, I talk about it from a deeper, basic level. People only see the surface bullshit. Okay, to be fair, when I talk about concepts or ideas, I come from an idiomatic level. I'm not that deep.

But the failure to communicate ideas and the fundamental failure to understand them, is the root of all sorts of stupid things.

That's why, I think from now on, I'll do it myself.