Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vote Amir Hafizi for 2012

Okay, that's it. I'm running for the Malaysian Presidential office against Zaid Ibrahim.

Here are my issues:

1. I am for the Peaceful Assembly Bill.

2. I am for the restoration of the ISA. And volunteer to be the first inaugural prisoner of its reinstatement.

3. I am against CPB2011. Unless I am on the board. In which case, show me the money!

4. I am for the legalisation of prostitution and the formation of a Prostitution Board which I will chair.

5. I am for Ambiga S to be part of any party, parade or whatever as Grand Marshall, to ensure good turnout.

6. I am for the creation of a third gender classification on Malaysian ICs. If Thailand has kathoeys, we will have pondans as a selectable gender. And 'pondans' can marry anyone.

7. Mohamad Sabu will have his own TV show. His catch-phrase will be 'ka-kaaa! woohoohoo!'

8. Zaid Ibrahim will be made Secretary for life, thus rendering him a non-president for life.

9. Anwar will be allowed to change details on his IC.

10. Armpits will no longer be an offensive bit of flesh warranting letters of warning from the KDN.

And here's my campaign slogan:

Spare Me Some Change?