Sunday, December 11, 2011

Give Me Money

The world is really just made of paper. Imaginary lines, scribbles on pictures are all that determine our right to be where, as well as our time and everything else.

You wanna know why the media is so powerful? Because the media can remix reality, reshape the world you live in. It influences what is thought, what is talked about and eventually what gets onto paper - your pay, your worth, your freedom.

The power lies not with the media, but between those who are at either ends of it. Media is simply a collection of mediums for communication. And at the end of the day, it is this communication, this information flow, that holds all authority, all power.

It is this communication that defines communities and societies. They can take away everything else, but as long as they do not control what we communicate and how we do it, we are, in this last inch, free.

Give it up, and we are slaves forever.

I don't believe in resisting anything, except for attempts to grab my crotch or my man-boobs by undesirable people. I believe that anything we fight simply gets bigger. Every time I forget this, it gets slammed in my face.

Eckhart Tolle wrote some true shit, but he never taught us how to fight. And he's right. Fighting simply feeds the adversary in our own hero story, starring ourselves. Fighting feeds the ego.

Resistance IS futile.

And here's the secret. You do not fight. You do not resist. You do not struggle, it will only make the bonds tighter. You sit still, and you say no. Without emotion, without ego, without a loaded thought. Just say no. A high quality, flat-toned no. When the moment comes for action, you move with the universe, and the universe moves with you.


Okay, time to masturbate.