Friday, December 9, 2011

CPB 2011: Mammaries of Things to Cum

I am happy to hear that AT THIS STAGE, the Computer Professionals Bill 2011 (CPB2011) MAY not include everyone - just programmers involved with Critical National Information Infrastructure(CNII)projects. This remains to be seen, until such time when the bill is described fully and in detail.

The danger of the Computer Professionals Bill 2011, in my opinion, is the fact that all those restrictions to programmers can be extended to anyone.

With the definition of CNII being a debated topic - some definitions put it encompassing the entire universe of IT fields - should one day CNII is defined as just that, 'everyone', it is a hanging sword which can come down at any moment.

I do not prescribe paranoia to anyone, but I am uneasy with such a bill hovering over anything. If it passes, it will mean that should things get too hot one day, the Government can choose not to amend the bill, but redefine CNII and include just about anything and everything.

I am not saying they will do it, because who knows who will be in power tomorrow or next year. I am just saying they CAN, and giving a loaded gun to someone watching my Jagger-like moves with only their non-visible promise of not pulling the trigger is hardly a good thing.

Right now, the bill is made to be as vague as it can be. As people hop from one foot to the other to decipher its meaning, the vagueness of the bill makes it what some have termed a 'blank cheque'.

I must say that we are not dealing with idiots here, but a system that has kept everyone in check for over 50 years. These are not simple politicians who look like buffoons, but extremely smart and brazen people.

While idiots annoy me, smart people make me worried.

Oh well. Time to masturbate.