Friday, December 9, 2011

A Twist in the Tale

I was surfing (with a keyboard) when I encountered this article.
Written by Lim Yung Hui, it points towards this part of the new CPB2011 bill:


(1)This Act applies throughout Malaysia.

(2) This Act applies to the Critical National Information Infrastructure(CNII).

(3)Every Registered Computing Practitioner,Registered Computing Professional and Registered Computing Services Provider shall be subject to this Act

Read the full second draft here.

A few questions have surfaced. Lim asserts that the act only applies to CNII:

So, with my minimal knowledge of legal / legislation matters, I would say this Act DOES NOT cover ALL Malaysian tech people (contrary to many assertions, including mine). Unless you’re developing mission-critical systems to support the Malaysian economy, defense, public health and safety, this Act is probably of no relevance to you. - Lim

Then again, there is that sentence above CNII - (1)This Act applies throughout Malaysia. So, is it all CNII projects throughout Malaysia, or simply all throughout Malaysia?

Which is it? I shall wait for some response or new developments on the matter.