Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Don't Give a Flying Fuck

I got home from work. But I still got shit I need to do.

The past few months, I wallowed in the helplessness of it all, thinking it was Buddhist shit. But no, the Awareness means we take control of ourselves and our destiny, our life and even our breath, by standing in the rain, holding your dick out and massaging it lovingly as you wail to the sky.

"Respect my dick!"

It's simple. Nothing - absolutely nothing in this world has meaning. We put meaning into things, therefore the definition of the world is ours. We define it.

And you know what it all means? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just people p0laying games.

So fuck it, I got something I need to finish tonight, and I'm finishing it. I'll get some sleep first, cause I'm fucking tired, but seriously? I am the true embodiment of not giving a fuck.