Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dreams and Portents: From Singapore (And Sometimes Hong Kong) With Whatever


And so I dreamed, earlier tonight, that I was at a Comicon in Singapore, where I bought two t-shirts for RM70, when I realised I needed more than the money I have in my wallet to last through the trip. After I paid my last RM70 to get the shirts, I went to an ATM, where I suddenly realised that I had no passport.

Aghast, I went back inside the Comicon area where my friend told me that he himself had come to Singapore last week and he had forgotten his own passport. He assured me that it is possible to sneak past immigration.

Then, people from my office showed up and I found myself smoking behind the hall, staring up at a hill. For some reason, the hill was observed by a camera. I instinctively knew that the camera did not capture the images we see with the naked eye, but rather of the hill in the future.

One of us brought down the camera and I immediately disassembled it, taking apart the memory card as well as whatever could be a tracking device. I was alerted by the party and as I looked up, two guards showed up at either end, preventing our escape.

I immediately noticed a room that wasn't there before and quickly entered, where I stuffed the electronics into my pants.

Then I walked nonchalantly past the guards and what followed was a merry chase on the streets of Hong Kong, for some reason.

We parted ways and I was trying to sneak past the Singaporean immigration when I woke up and decided for an hour's worth of sleep, that was certainly a long dream.