Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lucky for Me

I met some white friends recently and for some reason, I sense some unease and disillusionment on their part concerning being in this country.

I just had fun saying this line: "Easy for you, lah. You're white."

I get that all the time. "Easy for you, lah. You're Malay." From my friends. Usually close ones.

I look back at my life, and I try very hard to figure out, what has been easy?

I come from the swamp. I educated myself because I distrust the Malaysian Education System. Love the teachers, but distrust the system.

Lucky for me.

I was in the top 400 12-year-olds so they sent me to a boarding school. For the elite, right? Privileged, right? My friends and I had to endure shit you encounter in '70s and '80s college, in that school. And more. I was lucky to come out alive and intact.

Lucky for me.

I went to UM. Big fucking deal, UM. Computer science, bitch. The most important thing I learned from UM is that you can survive on roti canai for five years and that as soon as you figure out the system, you must destroy it.

Lucky for me.

And then, I started working. Wow. All these fat Government contracts. Politicians shoving my ass with cash. In my dreams.

I had to endure things you could never imagine. I worked like none of you have ever worked before. Bar none. BAR NONE.

People often tell me, I eat like I haven't seen food in a year. I relish every bite of food I get because I know how hard I worked for it.

Lucky for me.

Fuck you. I mean, fuck you.

I am Malay. So? What's the big fucking deal? If I want to climb this fucking coconut tree and tweet while drinking coconut juice on top, why the fuck should you care? If I want to worship a space God that can teleport and shoot laser beams from its ass, why should anybody give a shit?

The war in this country, is not a race war. It is a fight between the rich and the poor. The big question is how long will the poor allow themselves to be fucked up the ass and felt up by grubby little greed fuckers before they literally start killing people.

And yet, yes, I am lucky. I am a fucking genius. I may do some dumb things, but I am the greatest.

And no one is luckier than me. Except for white people.