Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sexist Bullshit

Some people think I'm like George Constanza - socially awkward, geek-like tendencies, vulnerable to women.

The thing about women is that I was raised in a family of extremely strong women. They are the heart and soul of the family. We, the men, are all aloof, and we just don't give a shit. My mother and sisters kept everyone together, or we would have said, "Fuck off, man," and wandered off into three different sunsets, by the three suns of Arrakis.

The women of my family do not believe they need anything or anyone in their lives - and I believe it is true. Their themes are independence and overachievement. They are some of the smartest people I know.

Fiercely independent, these women follow a strict code of honour and they believe themselves to be the ones who maintain balance in the universe.

Having grown up with such strong feminist ideals, I was perplexed when I found myself at a school for gifted boys. I spent five years there, cursing a world where men are dominant.

You see, in a society where men are dominant, there are lots of drama with people prancing around constantly measuring anything against each other, when they're not measuring dicks.

I thought that a world with more women would make more sense. I loved that idea for a while, thinking all the stuff I read in books would happen if more women were around me.

I was immediately disappointed when I emerged into the world and found that women are just as stupid as men. They are just people with boobs and a vagina. And people STILL prance around, measuring things against each other in pointless bullshit.

I was so disappointed.

And then I went to Thailand.

And then there was Eckhart Tolle, and his teachings pointed to a complete understanding of people, the self as well as the universe.

I find that aside from the tools to have gratuitous sex, there is really no discernible difference between men and women.

They are all equally fucked up. With the same potential for greatness and stupidity.

I called my mother just now. I cannot help her. I am sorry. All the talent and intelligence in the world, all the gifts, the skills - real and imagined - and I can't help anyone other than myself. And if I ever let up, if I ever slip, then they would worry about me.

I am so sorry. I can't save any of you. Men. Women. Mother. Father. Family.

That last line was a reference from the movie Tarzan: Earl of Greystoke.