Monday, June 21, 2010

Whirl Carp: Fuck the Favourites

Fuck the favourites! France is 99.99% dead. England is 80% dead. Italy is 60% dead.

Die! Die! Die! Motherfuckers!

I hope none of the favourites make it to the finals of this World Cup. Let it be... I dunno, New Zealand Vs Ivory Coast or some shit like that. Or Korea Vs Japan. Whatever, man.

Am fucking tired of football being the monopoly of a select few. You want democracy? You need to let the other guys win.

People who root for the favourites - any of the favourites - are fascist bastards, ESPECIALLY if they call themselves fucking liberals.

See what being a liberal gets you? You can't cheer for any 'good' team. Otherwise, you're a fucking hypocrite. So fuck you, liberals!