Friday, June 11, 2010

Delirium Notatum: GOTO Hell

I slept a feverish sleep where I dreamed I got better. It was a bit crazy, because the dream had a version of me waking up to a margarine ad from the '70s.

Apparently, that's what my brain considers as being healthy.

Being sick also makes me appreciate solitude even more. It means that the world can do without me, and I can deal WITHOUT people's bullshit shoved down my throat everyday.

Maybe that's why I have a sore throat and got sick. I am sick of all your bullshit. Games. Lies. Politics. Fuck you.

Oh well. I do not give a flying fuck.

Only thing that matters is my own shit. I got stuff to do. My work is important to me. I need to deal with my finances, with my family on my back. Not having my back. ON my back. And Thailand.

Thailand has been good to me, and I need to help rebuild its economy, after I rebuild mine.

I don't think I'll wait till SUnday. If I'm still sick tomorrow, I'll go for an H1N1 screening immediately.