Friday, June 4, 2010

Hole-y War

If the situation with the Freedom Flotilla escalates, we could be staring at World War III.

I'm not sensationalising anything. I'm sober as hell. Think about it. All those stupid exchanges of taunts and insults and small skirmishes in Iraq and Afghanistan are just promos for the main event.

Consider this: the best way to revive the stupid economy is to wage a war. A big one. And for some Muslim countries, they got nothing to lose. Their economy is shit. They don't have porn to placate them. Not a lot, maybe. No entertainment. No respect. No dignity.

You can only push people so much. Mutually assured destruction can look better than being bullied.

While the Jews fight the Muslims, China will shut up and lie low, hoping that they will be the ones to emerge as the world's super-power, even though they are now.

Unfortunately, this time, if there is a war, we might be looking at nuclear. If that's the case, it doesn't matter if China is in it or not. The fallout will kill all life in Southeast Asia and render it uninhabitable for the next 200 years.

China? Well, it depends on which way the wind blows. The right gust will kill their southern regions, at least.

IF there is a nuclear war soon, I put the death toll at a billion at the lowest estimate, and six billion at the worst.

Why? Because some people argue about details like who fucked who and who did what where, when, with whom, around 2000 years ago. But that's being shallow. The real reason is land, greed and hate.

I will not say yes, no, right, wrong or whatever. If the shit comes down, I'm going down fighting.

If it's Muslims vs the world, I will side with the Muslims. Why? Cause they're the underdogs. They have lousy PR, mostly stupid leaders who get fooled and tricked by Israelis on a daily basis. It's so pathetic, I need to balance things out.

My fitness sucks, so I can't be a foot soldier. But give me comm. Give me communications. Propaganda. Psych ops.

And then give me a few hundred rounds of ammunition and a light-fifty calibre sniper rifle, two Israeli-made Desert Eagle handguns, and one Israeli-made Corner-Shot. And soap. Lots of soap. I can distill enough nitro-glycerine to kill any platoon that come and get me. And they will get me. Hopefully, after I have taken down more than one.

However, if it's the Israelis vs the world, well, I guess I'll go to the office as usual.