Monday, June 28, 2010

Character Design

When I was small, instead of an invisible friend, I believed that there was an invisible camera crew filming me. Waiting to jump out and say, "You're on Candid Camera, bitch!"

And that was wayyy before that Jim Carrey movie.

I create layers and layers on top of myself, so that if anyone penetrates the first layer, I'll distract them with a second layer.

I have discovered that people are lazy. They can only put you in one box at a time. They don't have access to 100% of their brains, so they can only see one facet of anyone or anything and judge them or that as that.

"Oh, he's like this."

"Oh, she's like that."

Very few can hardly see the duality of man, let alone the utterly complex nature of each human.

Inside each person, even boring ones, is a universe. Filled with shit and gems and glittering stars and deep, dark black holes and whatever the fuck. Anything and everything you can ever think of.

Therefore, every character is multi-dimensional. Super-dimensional. It takes a lot of time to understand even a limited number of anything of anyone. The best you can ever hope for is just getting a feel and shape of it. The CURRENT feel and shape. As the world turns, so do human characters shift and stay in a constant state of flux.

The thing is not to get lost in each individual dimension, but to experience things as a whole. The good and the bad. The beautiful and the ugly. The fake and the real. Sometimes, honestly, these are all the same things. Seen from different angles.