Saturday, June 26, 2010


I just got up from a 12-hour sleep. I didn't sleep at all, two nights ago, finishing up some stuff.

I called up some people, and ALL of them are asleep. I guess this is how it feels to call me in the morning. Ha-ha!

I'm pumped up and ready to go. And just last night, I thought of taking a few days off.

A break is long overdue. I don't want to spend it in Kuantan, as that is worse than work, and I don't have money to go to Thailand. Not yet.

So I'm thinking of taking a few days off and just staying at home, calling up old friends.

My friends are really becoming an endangered species at the moment. I just found out that yet another guy will be transferred to London by the end of the year.

Another just got job offers from UNDP. The one I applied to years ago, but in a different division. He'll be working in Bonn, Germany.

Oh well. I'll still be here for the next several years, at least. But my plans never do come true. They always turn out better. Everything that has ever happened, good or bad, has pushed me in the proper place and time to do things I never thought I would do.

I mean, I never thought I'd do movies. Until I did three (wrote seven, three got made). And now, some other projects have come to view. We'll see how that goes.

If I had taken that Bonn job a few years back, I wouldn't have been able to work with KRU, The Malay Mail, or the people I am currently working with. I'd be in Germany. Drinking. And working in a library.

Fuck, man. I still have the German for Dummies book. Only thing I learned was that Volkswagen is pronounced Folksvagen. Cause V is F, W is V, the first S is a Z or some shit like that, and that German likes to use the arabic letters KHO, TDZO and AIN as well as GHAIN in their pronunciation.

Meanwhile, I have written another piece for the World Cup website: Click Here. Danny Lim has as much credit as I to be able to come up with this piece, and I do like it myself, even though there are some mistakes in tenses at the end and there are some portions that could have been funnier.

Working on this has reminded me of the fun I had writing. So much has happened these past two years that I forgot to enjoy most of the process. I was really excited and happy to see the two pieces I have up there published. If anything, that was the intention of the two pieces - to have fun.

It was like seeing actors speak the lines I wrote on the big screen. That, was a rush.

Okay. I just woke up one of my collaborators. Have a meeting at three, and another at four. Maybe there is still time to rest before the great push.

Well, see you after the breach!