Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flash Sideways

Today, was the day I went into third gear.

There were some parts of work I held off for a few weeks, which I completed today. I took the motherfucking things, right, and I FUCKING DID IT.

Scratch one off my bucket list.

Shit came in, shit came out. I was like a motherfucking machine. I enjoyed it. Laughed as the wind from the air-conditioner blew through my hair and the flourescent light burned a tan on my skin.

I am not yet at 100%, but it sure is nice to be able to cruise at familiar speeds.

My brain worked at optimal levels. My Buddha nature and my Atman and immortal soul as content as a Hindu cow.

I was immortal. Unreacheable. Invulnerable. Unconquerable. I was lightning made flesh. A shark trawling for prawn. The alpha and the omega, as I claimed my divine birthright.

Pretty grandiose depiction for answering emails, right?

I told the story about my being in a funk to almost everyone. I made sure I repeated it until the words were stale on my tongue.

I do not plan to repeat it ever again.

Basically, after a year of struggle, I feel immortal. Now, to bring that to other stuff.