Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tales from the Drunk Side: Miracle at Jalan Tandok

So I went home, fully expecting my electricity to be cut. I went home with a light and untroubled heart, though.

I did not blame Tenaga Nasional. I mean, sure, before this, they cut my power after six months, and it has just been four months since I last paid. But, I understand. When you don't pay, they will cut the supply until you do.

I mean, I do it too.

I decided on a system of only paying after five months. Don't ask. I'm just fucked up.

So I went home, fully expecting the lights to be off, as I left it this morning.

Lo and behold - there is PAWAAAAAAA!!!

I consider this a miracle of modern science. Thank you, TNB. Thank you, God.

I would also like to thank the Academy. My parents, even though I don't think they should have had four kids.

I would also like to thank The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe - three legendary journalists who taught me so much.

Alamorphosis, for giving me the experience of handling an events company, a recording label, and a creative consultancy.

I would like to thank Measat Publications and Astro Productions Sdn Bhd, for giving me experience in publishing magazines as well as TV production.

I would like to thank KRU, for taking a chance with a newcomer to do movies. Also, everyone who worked on those movies.

I would also like to thank the people I am currently working with at the new The Malay Mail, the old The Malay Mail, producers and production houses which shall not be named at the moment.

Thanks to Marshall Cavendish and the people behind Matahari Books for giving me the chance to write a book. Always wanted to do that.

Silverfish for giving me the first break into publishing, with my short story in Silverfish III. Though I didn't know that smart casual meant shirt and pants (I went to the launch in a torn t-shirt and cargo pants).

Not forgetting, all those other people and organisations I may have forgotten to thank.

And breaking my system, I am paying the bills tomorrow. It's only RM100++ for FOUR months, so I'm not complaining at all.