Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sleep Now in the Fire

Washington Times Editorial - Fuel for Terrorism

This editorial by Washington Times paints a picture of the Israeli Navy boarding the Freedom Flotilla only bearing "paintball guns, tasers, tear gas and other nonlethal weapons."

Oh, really? Then how did people die? Did Zohan kill them with non-lethal humous? I mean, in the hands of a Washington Times reporter, a paintball gun can kill a yak from 1.5km away.

The editorial calls the death of nine people on the ship as a 'fraud'.

Well, when nuclear warheads start flying everywhere, I guess Washington Times will also call that a fraud.

Washington Times: Cheap, imitation nuclear warheads! Done in sweatshops. Not branded like ours... which are also done in sweatshops but, still, the brand is everything.

How is it that when thousands of Palestinians get killed by bulldozers and bullets - real ones - in Gaza, those deaths are called frauds, but when one American or perhaps an Israeli were to die from eating too much Quarter-Pounder with Cheese - or Royale with Cheese - that's a fucking tragedy?

And when Sex and the City 2 faithfully portrayed the arrogance and disrespectful nature of Westerners, other Westerners are offended and called the filmmakers racists, when that is the truth. That IS how you behave.

Oh well. You want to revitalise the economy, right? So start a war already. Get Dick Cheney and whoever another fat Haliborange/Hallieberry contract or whatever. You can't end the American Empire with a whimper. It must go out with a bang.

See if I care. I already watched the ending for Lost. You guys cancelled Boston Legal. You got nothing I want.