Thursday, June 24, 2010


Covering entertainment, and also producing entertainment, nothing is really entertaining to me. Every time I see a movie or TV show, it's work. I used to go to Thailand for entertainment, but I have no money now, so that's a no-go.

I entertain myself with other people's sufferings, trying to teach them the way to happiness. When that dries up, and if I am ever successful in showing people how to be happy, I am out of miserable people.

And if I talk to really, REALLY miserable people, I get my energy sucked off. So I am really running dry on ways to amuse myself that doesn't involve porn, and lubricants.

I used to enjoy shocking people, but that train has run its course. Nothing I do nowadays can really shock anyone. Except, maybe embrace religion or be a self-proclaimed liberal or something like that.

I'm beginning to learn or perhaps teach myself to enjoy watching things and people grow. Fuck, man. I am beginning to sound like my father.

I am getting old. Boo fucking hoo. Big fucking deal.

Maybe I should just spend tomorrow night at a pub... and read the papers.