Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I am against the basic family model. I believe that the family unit as it stands, especially in Malaysia, is victimising everyone in it. It is cruel, stupid and nonsensical. This is my belief.

However, I understand that it is there. Along with all the other stupid abuse and misuse of the system which makes it extremely unreliable. Parents having kids as an insurance policy, having kids as a way to compete with other people, et cetera.

The traumatised kids, the abused wife, the bankrupt husband. The holy trinity of the evil of family.

Again, this is only my personal opinion. Given the option, I would have chosen to have not been born, as my parents couldn't and can't afford kids. But they did, and here I am. Under protest, but not whining. This is where I am and this is how I deal.

A few years back, I gave up on some dreams and decided to try and do stuff for my parents. I do not believe they are in any capacity to understand what this means, just as it is beyond my capacity to understand how they thought that RM1K++ a month is enough for four kids and two adults.

So anyway, before I sound too bitter - and I am not, just realistic - I raise a toast to fathers everywhere, as well as a prayer that I may never be one of you great people.

To fathers, then!