Sunday, June 6, 2010

MV Rachel Corrie and Malaysian 'Liberals'

Today was fun, but I am quite worried. Amidst all the fun, meeting friendly faces and all, there was an undercurrent of concern.

I'm talking about MV Rachel Corrie. There are Malaysians on board, sure. I know one of them, personally.

I got really angry, for some reason, and as usual, I pick on easy targets like Malaysian 'liberals'.

That was a bit unfair, I must admit.

I mean, sure, the Malaysian 'liberals' are not real liberals. They're just a fake imitation. They fly the 'liberal' flag only when it is convenient for them.

They would do campaigns and vigils and become a loud and annoying voice only when it either concerns their political parties, or their economic matters.

For stuff like this? If it concerns Muslims? Nada. This is the same as those who ONLY get outraged at the Freedom Flotilla issue, and not atrocities commited elsewhere in the world. Like Darfour.

That is a given.

I mean, I shouldn't be too hard on Malaysian 'liberals' because they're selfish, pathetic specimens who have no capacity for real happiness. I JUDGE THEE!

I really should apologise to all Malaysian 'liberals'. I was merely trying to replace my worry with something exciting like making fun of hypocritical idiots.

I really should.