Friday, June 4, 2010

The Further Adventures of Boron(Word's Most Boring Man): I, Millenium Falcon

I have been wearing the same pair of sneakers for two years now. The soles are worn.

So I got myself a new pair today. The last one was a RM49.99 Power (Bata), so I went for a RM59.99 Power this time around. And spent RM40 on Power socks (at RM10 a pop).

I currently only have two pairs of decent socks - both Power. The rest are all torn. Same with my underwear. A lot are torn from containing my augustness. That, or I sit down too often and walk too fast, with long strides.

I was eyeing some RM20 shirts and some RM35 ones at FOS.

Since I'm naturally beautiful, I don't need fancy clothes.