Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sex and the Sittee-AH!

So some people asked me today, "Why don't I have kids?"

They: But... we didn't ask you that at all!

Me: First, there is women.

They: But no! We didn't ask you anything!

Me: Women think they can control me with sex. However, after training with the Whore-Priestesses of Shabda-Oud, I can't be controlled with mere mortal pussy. Sex is only worth RM50. You can't buy me with RM50. Talk to my dick and keep on sucking. In fact, a blowjob is only RM10.

They: Oh, no. He's going to go on and on... again!

Me: Having no desires, women are afraid of me. Cause I'm like, a straight guy who is impervious to vagina.

They: ...

Me: So now, I don't buy emotional attachment as well, cause that's all bullshit. A scam to get my money, which I don't have anyway.

They: ...

Me: So, I am the greatest.