Thursday, June 17, 2010

House of M: How to Save Newspapers

A great read. Especially for people who are lookiong at saving newspapers and journalism.

By the way, I found that on a Facebook link a colleague put up.

Nowadays, I wake up, and I don't pick up a newspaper anymore. I go online, on Facebook, and see first what news matters to people. I used to monitor Twitter, until I deleted my account yesterday when I got tired of poiliticians and politician-wannabes whining and bitching all the time.

I read newspapers at the end of the day, sometimes in a pub, sometimes at home.

If you've read my House of M series of drunken blog posts, you would know what my answers are for the rejuvenation or rebirth of newspapering. It's simple - bridging the virtual and the real.

Whether anyone will take my solution and implement it remains to be seen. I'm willing to sell the solution for RM3 million. Anyone interested?

As for me, I have prepared myself for any eventuality. Say, 20 years from now, the last professional journalism watering hole gets closed down due to all news agencies closing down, I'll call a cab and go back home to write a movie script.

I have been taught that all the skills in journalism can be applied to any other discipline. Even stuff like dancing, though I must say I am an extremely dangerous salsa dancer, having been banned in some countries due to grievous bodily injuries and mass destruction of property I have caused while shashaying to the music.

I can also do a demonic cult thing where I can siphon money off religious and spiritual people.

Oh, I'm sorry. I need to go and save newspapers now.