Friday, May 23, 2008

The Oldest Game

Me: I am robot, metal skinned, dildo-wearing

Me2: I am rust, brown-coloured, robot-destroying.

Me: I am Didi Glo, Oxidization removing, Kudsia-Kahar-endorsed.

Me2: I am Smartshop, Didi Glo cancelling, midnight slot-time.

Me: I am satellite TV provider, 12 shopping channels, Smartshop crusher.

Me2: I am rain clouds, signal obscuring, satellite TV destroyer.

Me: I am North Wind, cloud blowing, snow-bringing.

Me2: I am a willow, wind-withstanding, aspirin-yielding.

Me: I am a woodchuck, willow-killing, big dicked

Me2: I am a woodchucker, woodchuck-killing, electric-powered.

Me: I am disgruntled-power-company-employee-man, suicide bombing, electricty killer.

Me2: I am wife of disgruntled-power-company-employee-man, emasculator, soap-opera watcher.

Me: I am Oprah, all things encompassing, all life embracing, housewife God.

Me2: I am David Letterman, Oprah-killer, funny man.

Me: I am Larry King, much older, serious hypocrite

Me2: I am Tom Cruise, better-lloking than Larry King, couch-jumper.

Me: I am Xenu, source of all things, God of Scientology

Me2: I am L Ron Hubbard, Xenu-creating, fraud-master

Me: I am Neil Gaiman, greatest of all writers, God of imagination, Lord of dreams. What will you be then, Me2?

Me2: I am Amir Hafizi.

Me: Errrr...errr...