Saturday, May 3, 2008

Man of Tomorrow: Man of Yesterday

When I was younger, I had a dream of saving the world.

Helping people, you know. All that shit.

Then it turned out that most people I helped backstabbed me and shit. I wasn't even looking for a thank you or some other form of whatever. But I as hell didn't expect them to stab me in the back.

Well, today - an extremely long day following two sleepless nights - I managed to help three people. I helped two of them to get paid employment at least till August. And I helped reduce the work of another by 60%.

The latter I accomplished simply by talking to the right people, and having the right people meet each other.

The first statement made by one of them took away 1/3 of the work already. After a few more questions from the person I helped - translated by me cause she was insecure with her Engrish - reduced the work even further.

This took me back to a time when I believed in people. In communication.

Once upon a time, I believed that the only thing you need to do to accomplish anything is simply to find the right path in which information travels.

Every time I enter into a new place, I watch the information flow. I know already that people will backstab me, so I decided to make it controlled backstabbing. Anything I say in the strictest of confidence to someone will eventually find its way somewhere. No matter if I told them that under no circumstances should the information be relayed.

So I put little nuggets here and there and see where they end up. How viruses spread. Brown movement. Bromin shit.

The observation is a skeletal diagram of the bloodflow of any organisation. I am a natural pattern recognizer. I see patterns in everything. The first three digits of my phone number adds up to 21. The last four digits also add up to 21.

So when you see how information flows, you can keep track of, and make use of the human engineering at play.

You can immediately see who talks to whom, about what. Is it about work? Personal shit? Who will conspire with whom about what, and how will they use the information.

I see myself as a white-coat-wearing lab technician with rats running a maze under my watchful gaze. Cause I'm the most arrogant motherfucker ever.

What I can never stand is information block. It's like clogged arteries. Sometimes, it's a language barrier. Some times, it's generation gap. Some times, it's an intelligence gap. Other times, some people are just fucktards.

You shouldn't work with fucktards because it will sap your energy and start the finger-pointing and blame game and whatever shit other than the most important thing - work.

Well, that was then. When I still believed in helping people and saving the world.

Nowadays, I just don't give a flying fuck. I'd club a baby seal for five bucks. I'd kill the children of fucktards in front of them. And smile.

But it felt good. Helping those three. I went out of the office today, looked up to the sky, and there wasn't a rain cloud in sight. Comulo-Nimbus, yo!