Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Truth. Freedom. Independence. And a Special Offer

Tomorrow morning, I will be at the PJ Sessions Court at 8.30am.

TNB is going after blogger Hassan Skodeng for publishing a joke - with full disclaimers - on his blog.

Read everything on Rocky's Bru. Find the link on my sidebar.

I believe that TNB has reacted badly to this, even though they are acting within provisions of the law. Their actions, to me and perhaps many other people, paint them as a lawsuit-happy corporation, seeking to intimidate the little people. And for the Malaysian authorities to entertain this... farce, is in my opinion, a joke.

How can TNB benefit from this exercise? Their image will be damaged, and I doubt Hassan Skodeng can give them any money outside of court.

Instead of being a deterrent or to intimidate other people from making fun of TNB and how they could ever post losses in a monopoly they hold, I believe that this might open the floodgates for all of cyberspace - or most of it - to ridicule the giant corporation.

Going after Hassan Skodeng might just turn one man's lame joke, into a public relations nightmare.

And I know the solution! Hey, TNB, hire me on a retainer basis as an outside consultant, and I can steer your public image from being dragged in the mud.

Only for RM1,999,999.99 over a period of one year, while stocks last. Come on, TNB! Hire me!