Thursday, September 2, 2010


So I woke up at 2am today and worked till 7am, when I was picked up by a hot chick to go to court. PJ Sessions Court.

It wasn't my day in court. It was Hassan Skodeng's.

The thing started at around 8.45am or 9am, with a batch of cases being handled one after another by the judge.

By 10.30am, bail was set at RM4,000 and the process was started.

A lot of blah blah blahs later, with a very complicated bail system, Hassan Skodeng was released on bail by 1pm.

"I met some friendly druggies in there," said Hassan. I'm sure.

Well, I was hoping that someone would read what he wrote out loud in court. Hopefully, by the prosecution or the judge, so they could appreciate how silly his article is, in my opinion.

But I have to wait for that.

And now, a short nap, before I fill in for Hassan Skodeng today.