Saturday, September 25, 2010


There are rumours that cartoonist Zunar was arrested for his editorial cartoons.

If so, I intend to go for his hearing, and pick up fresh NGO chicks. I mean, I intend to go to his hearing and show support for freedom of speech.

"The problem with freedom of speech," said God of Writing Neil Gaiman, "is that we also have to fight for speech we don't agree with."

I was a fan of Zunar's work in the early '90s, until he began turning it into an uninteresting political hogwash that seems to lambast the administration just for the sake of lambasting the administration.

The major crime, the way I see it, is in making crappy, unfunny cartoons. But never should we allow any censorship to take hold. Though I do draw the line with child pornography and under-age prostitution. I mean, if 20-year-olds don't know how to give blowjobs properly, how would you expect a 13-year-old to even give a basic handjob?

No child pornography.

No child prostitution.

No censorship.

No crappy cartoons.

I will go, preferrably if there is an offer to provide me with transportation. Preferrably by a hot chick not wearing any underwear. I can pay for part of the fuel, toll, as well as some incidentals along the way. No need for loom. I live alone in an apartment.